Dear colleagues, partners, and friends,

Seeing what is going on in the World nowadays, especially in Ukraine, we could not ignore it and stay away from this heartbreaking & tragic news. Like the whole world, we are following the situation in Ukraine and we have decided to get involved in helping the people most affected by the current conflict.

That is why the BCF team decided to support the people in Ukraine and to contribute to a better and safer future for these people! We believe it’s a natural thought to want to help in any possible way.

The BCF team will donate 10% from each purchased Conference Delegate Pass for humanitarian help for Ukrainian kids, soldiers, refugees and their pets, to the international organizations which provide emergency assistance to Ukrainian families. Such help as homes, medicine, food, clothes and all other needed things for a protected and safe lifestyle.

We believe that war is a terrible, tragic, and unacceptable action in all cases. No goal can be more expensive than the life and liberty of vulnerable people who have no influence over the decisions made by the government and politicians. The whole BCF team stands for FREEDOM and PEACE  in any country and every part of our planet.

Let’s be there for each other, stay together and build a better future! We wish you, your families, and your loved ones a peaceful sky above your heads!

Take care,

BCF team


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