We are pleased to invite you to Automotive Exhaust Systems Conference 2018 that will be held in Berlin, Germany, on 1-2 February 2018.

The conference will bring together many specialists all around the world to share experience in automotive exhaust current and future trends, latest innovative technologies and best practices from leading companies. It will be best opportunity for networking and learning, as the conference will consist of many case studies, presentations, panel discussions, speed networking and so on.


– Latest innovative technologies and best practices of Exhaust Systems

– Exhaust sensors applications and latest technologies for CO2 reduction

– New trends and challenges for emission legislation

– Challenges and requirements for exhaust after-treatment

– Exhaust systems development and latest design tools

– Diesel engine exhaust systems future trends and gas after-treatment


The Event will take place at Novotel Hotel Berlin Am Tiergarten
Address: Str. des 17. Juni 31 106-108, 10623 Berlin, Germany.


BCF team would gladly assist you with booking a room and arranging your flight tickets throughout the event.

Event Speakers

Peter Wells

Co-Director of the Centre for Automotive Industry Research

Cardiff Business School

Matthias Weber

CEO & Founder

Roben Automotive

Nick Molden

Founder and CEO

Emissions Analytics

Andrea De Filippo

Engine Group Manager- Diesel Calibration Aftertreatment Systems

Adam Opel GmbH

Carloandrea Malvicino

EMEA Vehicle Safety and Regulatory Compliance – Fuel Economy and Green House Gases CO2 Emissions Reduction Strategies

FCA Italy S.p.A

Antonio Multari

Director International Sales

Maschinenbau Haldenwang & Co. KG (MAHA)

Wico Hopman

Global Marketing Manager


Souhail Chreif

Humidity Application Project Manager

TE Connectivity Sensor Solutions

Daniel Matter

Majority Owner& Managing Director


  • Peter Wells
    Cardiff Business School
    Peter Wells is Co-Director of the Centre for Automotive Industry Research at Cardiff Business School and Head of Logistics and Operations Management. His research and publishing interests are focused on the global automotive industry, mobility studies including electric bicycles and car-sharing, and on sustainable business models. He has worked in Cardiff University since 1988. In terms of academic disciplines his work has ranged across spatial industrial development, economics, organisational theory, industrial ecology, technological change, socio-technical transitions theory, business model innovation and sustainability. His research and consulting on the global automotive industry has involved companies throughout the value chain, national and international government bodies, and NGOs. His latest books are: ‘The automotive industry in an era of eco-austerity’ (Edward Elgar, 2010), ‘Business models for sustainability’ (Edward Elgar, 2013) and ‘The global automotive industry’ (edited with Paul Nieuwenhuis; Wiley, 2015).
  • Matthias Weber
    Roben Automotive
    Biography: Matthias started his career as a Research Associate at Technische Universität Darmstadt, where he developed Simulation and Measurement Methodologies for Vehicles and Combustion Engines. After a short period at AVL in Graz he joined Continental Engineering Services in 2006, where he directed multiple projects in the area of Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicle Powertrains. This also included alternative solutions like Electrical Drivetrains for Cars and Trucks. He successfully delivered these products complying with On Board Diagnostics, State of the Art quality phase gate processes and according to newest safety standards. Matthias left Continental in 2015 to start his own Company Roben Automotive based in Równe, Poland.
  • Nick Molden
    Emissions Analytics
    Biography: Nick founded Emissions Analytics in 2011 in order to understand real-world fuel economy and emissions from vehicles. The concept was to find a way to characterise vehicles in a relatively short test, and be able to conduct a large number of comparable tests. The solution was to use Portable Emissions Measurement Systems to source real on-road raw data efficiently across many vehicles. This database is now a platform for analysing and modelling this data, from which are created the EQUA Air Quality Index in Europe and Real MPG in the USA, as well as extensive testing of heavy and light duty commercial vehicles. Nick is a specialist in data analytics, particularly in the automotive market, through his prior work at Oxford Indices Ltd, a data specialist, United Business plc and Haymarket Media Group. He is a graduate of the University of Oxford, with an MA in Philosophy, Politics and Economics.
  • Andrea De Filippo
    Adam Opel GmbH
    Biography: Dr. Andrea De Filippo is currently based at Opel Automobile GmbH, in Rüsselsheim am Main (Germany), and he is the Engineering Group Manager of the Diesel Calibration Aftertreatment Systems team. He has a deep knowledge of aftertreatment technologies and relative management gained during his former professional experience at GM Powertrain Europe (2008-2017) where he lead several activities in the area of diesel aftertreatment (Lean NOx Trap, SCR/F, Diesel Particulate Filter, Passive NOx Adsorber) for the Diesel Engine New Product Group & Advanced Technology Development. In 2011, he has been awarded with the prize “Opel Inventor of the Year” for an invention related to LNT+SCRF management. He is also internationally well-recognized for his former research activities (2004-2013) in the area of particulate emissions with focus on Particle Number and relative measurements devices. He holds a Master Degree and PhD in Chemical Engineering from Università Federico II of Naples and, in 2007, he was a Fulbright Program Winner for the research on combustion-based nanoparticles, at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Berkley (California, USA). He is co-author of 20 Technical papers and articles in the field of SI & CI combustion, fuels, emissions, fuel economy and engine engineering. Andrea is also co-author of 18 patents for the aftertreatment developmet issued in Europe, USA and China.
  • Carloandrea Malvicino
    FCA Italy S.p.A
    Biography: Carloandrea Malvicino, graduated in Physics at the Turin University, after having spent 23 years at \\\"Centro Ricerche Fiat\\\" on thermal system innovation and technologies to improve the efficiency of automotive systems is now leading the CO2 emissions reduction strategies department in FCA Italy S.pA. Carloandrea is a member of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps Technical Options Committee (RTOC) of the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) and author of several international patents papers in the domain of thermal systems and fuel consumption and CO2 emission reduction.
  • Antonio Multari
    Maschinenbau Haldenwang & Co. KG (MAHA)
    Antonio Multari is the Director International Sales for Maschinenbau Haldenwang & Co. KG (MAHA), in Haldenwang, Germany. Since 2007 Antonio has worked in several international working groups, to realize emission projects. In Germany he is one of the members of the sub group from the ministry of transport for the current emission testing legislation. At the German ASA (equipment manufacturer) association he is the vice chairman of the emission and diagnostic working group. Currently he is working in the German project “Emission Check 2020” and at CITA’s international SET II (Sustainable Emission Testing) Study. At CITA he is a technical expert for emissions. He has also worked at the Californian pilot program with CARB, SCAQMD and FCCC for PM emission testing from tailpipe. Today he is giving support and advices to different countries and organizations related towards how to measure and control emission from tailpipe as CO, CO2, HC, NOx, NO, NO2, PM, Opacity and other pollutants. Also the question of how OBD can support the emission control he has considered in different performed studies.
  • Wico Hopman
  • Souhail Chreif
    TE Connectivity Sensor Solutions
  • Daniel Matter
    Dr. sc. nat., Physicists, Electrical Engineer Majority Owner and Managing Director of Company Mems AG. Expert Examiner for Diplomas at the University of Applied Science (FHNW). Expert Examiner for Diplomas at ABB Technikerschule Baden Education and career history. Four years apprenticeship as electrician Three years study of electro-technology at the University of Applied Science (FHNW) Five years physics studies at Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich (ETHZ) Two years education for high school teacher at ETHZ. Four years scientific assistant and assistant lecturer for the Institute of solid state physics at ETHZ 1995 completion of doctorate in aerosol science. Nine year as project leader at the Swiss Corporate Research Center of ABB, group sensor technologies. 2003 founding the own company (Mems AG). A dozen publications and 60 patent applications, mainly in the field of sensors.
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