We are delighted to invite you to The 2nd Annual Automotive Thermal Management Conference 2019 that will be held in Munich, Germany on January 24th-25th.
Join us for an event which brings together world’s top- class automotive leaders keen to share their knowledge and experience in the area of Thermal Management technologies.
The 2nd Annual Automotive Thermal Management Conference 2019 will provide a unique opportunity for learning about the challenges, opportunities, and emerging innovations, exchanging opinions and networking, providing valuable insights from specialists in Thermal Management field.

Who Should Attend and From Industries:

 – Parts & Components Supplier
 – Tier
 – Systems Integrator
 – OEMs
 – Design, Testing, and Consulting
 – Heavy Duty Incl. Heavy truck, Industrial and Military Government
 – Aerospace Operations and Services
 – Academia
 – Specialty Vehicle

From Job Title:

 – Directors, VPs
 – Managers and Heads of R&D and R&D Management
 – Engineering Management
 – Product and System Design & Development
 – Marketing/Sales
 – Corporate Executive and Administrative Management
 – Academia
 – Testing, Validation & Certification
 – Consultants
 – Design engineers
 – System Engineers
 – Material Scientists
 – CTOs and all industries and markets whose products, operations and services are within thermal properties and states

Key Points:

– Upcoming and emerging technologies for Thermal Management
– Smart Thermal Management Distribution
– Thermal design and modeling solutions
– Market opportunities for thermal products and services
– System performance and long-term durability
– Advanced HVAC and climate control solutions
– Thermal design and modeling solutions
– Optimizing thermal management for e-cars
– High-efficiency climate control systems with a heat and cold storage unit for EV
– Future fluids for EVs’ cooling systems
– R&D in Thermal Management related spaces
– How to reduce fuel consumption and CO₂ emissions
– Next generation, alternative, environmentally-friendly refrigerants



Event expired.